Marketing Measurement & Attribution Done Right

Strala's Experience Data Tracking Platform (XDP)™ is the industry's only platform that combines channel and content touchpoints, unifies top tech platforms, and provides proprietary governance models and best practices to fuel your marketing ROI.

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Strala’s Experience Data Tracking Delivers:

Experience & Campaign tracking

Strala Touchpoint ID™ tracks end-to-end external & internal activities complete with your channel & content metadata.

100% Data integrity

Unified system of record with automated data governance to ensure 100% accurate experience & campaign data you can trust.

Time-Saving Integrations & Accuracy

Ad & martech platforms integrated with your analytics to unify tracking, cost, impression & click data for full ROI analysis.

ROI Analysis foundation

Seamlessly integrate classification metadata with ad data into your web analytics, custom data warehouses & BI visualization tools.

Industry-Leading Classification

Unlock hidden insights & optimizations with foundational experience & campaign classification taxonomy.

complete journey data

Strala JourneyStream™ unifies Strala Profile IDs™ with Strala Touchpoint IDs™ spanning all channels, content & conversions.

It's Time to Fix a Broken
Marketing Ecosystem

Marketers have three really big problems that weigh down their ability to be nimble in today's data-driven world.

1. Flawed Data Strategy

Update a flawed experience & marketing data strategy

2. Limited Methodology

Transition from limited “campaign IDs” & UTM parameters to enriched Strala Touchpoint IDs™ unifying & tracking the entire experience.

3. Inadequate Technology

Replace home-grown tracking systems & data swamps with automated data governance & integrations with ad platforms, martech, & analytics.
Uncover the Marketing Data Problem


Insights You Need. ROI You Want.

Take the guesswork out of attribution & personalization with Strala Journey Stream. You'll receive a complete interaction history of all customer touchpoints from awareness to conversion, for better educated pivots on a foundation of complete experience data. With JourneyStream™, integrations will automatically connect all key ad data including cost, impression, clickstream to support full ROI analysis.

Journey Stream
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Experience Data Tracking Platform™

Technology You'll Actually Use

Today's digital marketers must navigate and balance multiple tools to track all marketing campaigns and experience touchpoints — to the point that it becomes almost unusable. The Strala Experience Data Tracking Platform™ brings it all together with a universal Strala Touchpoint ID™. You'll be able to automate  tracking wherever possible with ad and martech integrations as well as within your web analytics.  Be confident in knowing that you'll have the flexibility to develop a governed system of record that works for your needs. It does the complicated work so you don't have to.

Experience tracking

2019 Marketing Measurement and Attribution Benchmark Survey

This survey covers the current and future state of marketing measurement, ROI-driven attribution, and tracking in 3 sections:

About Your Organization
Marketing Measurement and ROI-driven attribution
Marketing Tracking Systems

Integrations at Scale

Imagine being able to integrate & unify your tracking across all top ad platforms, martech stacks, and analytics providers with 100% data accuracy. With Strala's patented technology, you'll have the customer behavior insights needed to move in step with today's quick digital world.

Advertising Platforms

Strala works with top platforms to unify tracking, ingest ad metrics, & calculate ROI.

Martech Stack

Popular ESPs, DSPs, DMPs, and more ensure all systems will work in concert.

Analytics & Reporting

Integrate both metadata & ad data with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, as well as custom data warehouse & visualization environments.


5 Steps to Scale Campaign Classification and Metadata

Digital marketing campaign classifications or metadata lack an industry-wide protocol.

This guide is to help marketers and analysts create a system that can:

  • Ensure data collection consistency
  • Define categories to allow for better data manipulation and insights
  • Apply flexibility to retroactively make updates as your business changes
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