2019 State of Marketing Attribution

ObservePoint + Strala

Capture Every Touchpoint. Ensure Quality Data. Uncover Attribution Insights.

ObservePoint has acquired and is integrating Strala's technologies to help you ensure accurate data collection and performance measurement throughout your organization—from creating unified data standards, to validating analytics data collection, to generating accurate attribution insights that drive growth and increased ROI.

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Getting to the right data
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Getting to better and more complete data starts with

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Your foundation for better insights starts with Strala Touchpoints.

Replace your UTM and tracking spreadsheets today.

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The State of Marketing Attribution

In the State of Marketing Attribution, we share why people don’t trust what their attribution program tells them, and why that lack of trust most likely has nothing to do with models, and everything to do with the data feeding the models. You’ll learn:
The three most common roadblocks to good attribution
What organizations can do today to improve their attribution
The steps to take to finally trust the data, and resulting insights
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The State of Marketing Attribution


You need complete, unified, and predefined data


Illustrate effectiveness

• See the whole picture with more attributes than ever before

• Understand channel and content performance holistically

• Know where to invest and divest across your marketing and experience portfolio

Content and Investment Effectiveness


Attribute the right credit

• Show your contribution to sales

• Prove you're a revenue center, not a cost center

• Justify your individual channel and content investments

Channel AttributionPublisher AttributionContent typer attribution


Provide real-time analysis by eliminating data wrangling

• Capitalize on real-time data for real-time insights

• Spend more time analyzing, less time wrangling

• Create higher value data for higher value insights

Marketing data wrangling

Get better insights with the right data foundation

You have data trust issues.

It's not you. It's your data.