Strala JourneyStream

Know who did what, when.

Built upon the Strala touchpoints foundation, Strala JourneyStream is the most complete, turnkey, marketing and experience data repository where your data acts like one, unified data set. Capture every interaction across the entire customer journey creating a foundation for trusted insights.

Strala JourneyStream

Marketing and Experience Data Repository

This isn’t the colocated data repository you are used to. This is the world’s first truly turnkey, marketing and experience data repository where all of the data is complete, consistent and unified, as if it came from a single original system—not 30.

Online and offline

Capture all relevant online and offline customer touchpoints

Tracking all paid search is relatively easy, but once you attempt to track all paid media, owned, and earned interactions, it becomes a time-consuming and error-prone process that most organizations can’t complete. Strala JourneyStream automates this process, allowing you to know exactly which interactions (including content) contribute to conversion.

Unified Marketing data

Your data actually unified, not just colocated

This isn’t the data repository you’re used to — most repositories colocate data under the guise of unification. The complications of unifying different channel and media data outputs are rectified when data is predefined. The hard work that goes into combining relevant data sets is completely revolutionized when data is actually unified before it even exists.

Regardless of taxonomy, channel, medium, adtech, or martech platform (or any other attribute), Strala JourneyStream unifies all siloed data to act as a single data set.

Integrate with your existing data ecosystem

Only Strala ensures 100% marketing and experience data completeness through its ad and martech platform integrations. We integrate with the top Ad, Martech, web analytics providers, and custom data warehouse and visualization environments. By integrating with your entire marketing ecosystem, you can trust that the data is complete, consistent, and giving you the right insights you need.

Ad Platforms

Strala works with top platforms to unify tracking, ingest ad metrics, & calculate ROI.

Martech Platforms

Popular ESPs, DSPs, DMPs, and more ensure all systems will work in concert.

Analytics & Reporting

Integrate both metadata & ad data with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, as well as custom data warehouse & visualization environments.


Are you really capturing all of your customer's interactions?

Don't colocate your data. Unify it.