Strala Prism

Complete Algorithmic Attribution and ROI

Strala Prism is the only turnkey, algorithmic attribution solution built on complete, unified data. Achieve ROI visibility across all marketing and experience efforts to direct your investment effectiveness.

Unlock the power of complete ROI insights

To trust ROI, you need to trust your data. To do that, you need to aggregate all relevant data, not just paid channels.

Channel Effectiveness

Give credit where credit is due

Through algorithmic — and rules-based, if needed — attribution models, you can show your contribution to sales, prove the value of your efforts, and justify your investments across all channels and content.

attribution and insights

Always up-to-date attribution and insights

The days of waiting weeks for insights from unified data sets, or relying on outdated attribution insights are gone. You now have the ability to view unified marketing and experience data in real-time — so you can make data driven decisions before the data’s expired.

real-time marketing data

Own and export your
data in real-time

Want to see your reports in Tableau? Google Analytics? Your own data warehouse? No problem. Strala is data infrastructure agnostic; your data is yours, wherever and whenever you need it.

Integrate with your existing data ecosystem

Only Strala ensures 100% marketing and experience data completeness through its ad and martech platform integrations. We integrate with the top Ad, Martech, web analytics providers, and custom data warehouse and visualization environments. By integrating with your entire marketing ecosystem, you can trust that the data is complete, consistent, and giving you the right insights you need.

Ad Platforms

Strala works with top platforms to unify tracking, ingest ad metrics, & calculate ROI.

Martech Platforms

Popular ESPs, DSPs, DMPs, and more ensure all systems will work in concert.

Analytics & Reporting

Integrate both metadata & ad data with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, as well as custom data warehouse & visualization environments.


Get the credit you deserve.

Prove the value of your efforts