Strala Touchpoints

Standardize your data...
before it even exists

Define and standardize every customer journey touchpoint — before the journey even begins—and create the right foundation for trusted data-driven insights.

Strala Touchpoints

Move beyond manual tracking spreadsheets and limited metadata

Using spreadsheets and homegrown systems for UTM and tracking code management is labor intensive, with limited metadata attributes. An automated process shifts the time and labor intensiveness of manual, error prone spreadsheets to time better spent creating and optimizing experiences.

Strala data completeness

Achieve 100% data completeness

Most organizations operate around 25-50% data completeness — that’s a lot of room for output inaccuracy. Data completeness ensures you have accurate analysis with all relevant touchpoints and associated attributes.

Automate your marketing and experience tracking

Automate the predefinition of each and every touchpoint across your entire customer experience — including all paid, owned, and earned channels, as well as content. Map each siloed taxonomy back to your data standard within Strala Touchpoints to ensure all data can act as a single set.

Choose URLStrala URL management

Dynamic tracking URL management

Creating tracking URLs is often a bottleneck before taking an experience live. Creating and managing tracking URLs in mass is a must.

Once the URL is created, validate it’s a functioning URL and that your tracking beacons are present. Wherever needed, turn your static tracking URL into a dynamic URL such as a shortened URL to save characters in a post when they are at a premium.

Integrate with your existing data ecosystem

Only Strala ensures 100% marketing and experience data completeness through its ad and martech platform integrations. We integrate with the top ad, martech, web analytics providers, and custom data warehouse and visualization environments. By integrating with your entire marketing ecosystem, you can trust that the data is complete, consistent, and giving you the right insights you need.

Ad Platforms

Strala works with top platforms to unify tracking, ingest ad metrics, & calculate ROI.

Martech Platforms

Popular ESPs, DSPs, DMPs, and more ensure all systems will work in concert.

Analytics & Reporting

Integrate both metadata & ad data with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, as well as custom data warehouse & visualization environments.


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