Universal Experience and Campaign Tracking

One system is all you need to track and unify all marketing and experience touchpoints.  From website promotions and persona-specific content, to paid advertising channels and social posts, track all internal and external activities. Define, organize, and create campaign taxonomies with best practice templates by industry. Create a governed system of record for all campaign metadata and classifications.  

Create touchpoints, not just campaign IDs

Easily define all aspects of customer touchpoints. Strala goes well beyond simple campaign metadata descriptions from channel (medium) and publisher (source) to define a full customer's interaction with your brand. With Strala, never miss out on defining the full experience touchpoint with critical content-oriented metadata.

Strala Touchpoint ID™
Automatically map dozens of additional touchpoint values with Strala's Attribute Relationships™. Integrations with ad platforms key off one value such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads and automatically import hundreds of additional metadata values to create a single system of record. Define product and service values to automatically enrich the touchpoint with related criteria such as persona, product category and more. Seamlessly enrich each touchpoint with custom as well as standardized data for future insights, optimization, and personalization.

Control data integrity

Define and standardize campaign classifications and attributes in a consistent way. Whether you’re using four attributes or forty, you can lock down both the classification categories as well as the associated values. Administrators can also determine which attributes are required.

Save time with data automation

No more wasted time trying to create and update campaign IDs. With Strala, create and update Touchpoint IDs one at a time or in bulk. Import and export data in milliseconds to and from any system with bulk editors, templates, and our robust API.

Integrations at Scale

Imagine being able to integrate & unify your tracking across all top ad platforms, martech stacks, and analytics providers with 100% data accuracy. With Strala's patented technology, you'll have the customer behavior insights needed to move in step with today's quick digital world.

Advertising Platforms

Strala works with top platforms to unify tracking, ingest ad metrics, & calculate ROI.

Martech Stack

Popular ESPs, DSPs, DMPs, and more ensure all systems will work in concert.

Analytics & Reporting

Integrate both metadata & ad data with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, as well as custom data warehouse & visualization environments.


Quickly find any touchpoint

Built with powerful search capabilities, Strala lets you quickly find any touchpoint based on both custom and standardized metadata. Create custom views to identify any touchpoint by create date, team, channel, publisher, any content criteria, and more.

Import & standardize existing campaigns

Easily import existing campaign classifications & taxonomies into Strala. Add descriptions so the team has a single source of truth for all metadata, attributes, and values. Strala imports from analytics, spreadsheets, martech, and home-grown systems to convert your campaign tracking into experience tracking.

7 Best Practices to Building Your Campaign ID Tracking System

How does your campaign ID tracking system stack up?  Every marketer relies on home-grown tracking and spreadsheets for campaign IDs and tracking URLs.  Download this guide to ensure that your system is set up to accurately track campaign performance and lay the foundation for ROI and attribution.

  • Governance and standards for metadata & classifications to improve data integrity
  • Unification of channel and content attributes to better optimize performance
  • Time-saving tips including integrations & campaign schema mapping
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