Fixing the Marketing Data Problem

As a marketer, your efforts are often organized and defined tactically with campaigns through a channel and source lens.  But while this partially describes investment, it misses the experience-oriented content attributes that lead to more actionable insights. 

Digital data's breakage points

The Strala Experience Data Tracking Platform™ disrupts and revolutionizes all three levels of the experience and marketing data problem:

1. Flawed Data Strategy

Update a flawed experience and marketing data strategy limited by an isolated  "channel" focus and attempting to combine data after it's too late.

2. Limited Methodology

 Transition from limited UTM tracking methodology focused on “campaign IDs”  to enriched Strala Touchpoint IDs™ unifying & tracking the entire experience.

3. Inadequate Technology

Replace home-grown campaign tracking systems & data swamps with automated data governance & integrations with ad platforms, martech, & analytics.

Combined, these three problems lead to poor marketing data quality, incomplete insights from disparate data silos, irrelevant customer experiences, and ultimately hundreds of millions of dollars in lost sales and wasted expenses. The Strala Experience Data Tracking Platform™ not only revolutionizes the strategy, methodology, and technology, it does so with perfect data integrity and ease of use. 

1. Strategy

Redefine flawed marketing & experience data strategy

Begin with the data "end in mind" by strategically planning and defining the complete touchpoints within your experience data — and eliminate any question of how it got there.

2. Methodology

Update legacy UTM methodology

Today's UTM methodology hails from the days of channel-only measurement. It's antiquated and dramatically limits your view into performance and insights. As a marketer, you need to personalize and tailor experiences, not question if you're receiving the data necessary to do so. 

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3. Inadequate Technology 

Upgrade home-grown tracking systems

As a marketer, chances are high there's someone in the organization responsible for building home-grown systems and spreadsheets to track campaigns. And chances are even higher that there are serious bottlenecks and lack of self-service as you wait for the designated team to send you what you need. You can't afford that time, and neither can your company.

Behind the data problem

Today's marketing and experience data is incomplete and insufficient. This is why Strala exists and we have first hand experience in solving this problem. In a recent survey we preformed, we asked the top 500 digital marketers on what the biggest challenges they are facing. Here are the results:

1. Top Digital Marketing Challenges

Most digital marketers are trying to optimize where to invest or focus and, are attempting to optimize experiences at scale. As shown in this graph, 59% of marketers are challenged with understanding customer interactions across all touchpoints spanning all channels.

Strala is solving the foundation in understanding your customers across all channels and content they interact with. This foundation rolls up into Measuring and providing ROI based on accurate, complete attribution, personalization offers, content and experience based on behavior at scale.

In short, You can't measure what you can't track.

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2. Preventing ROI & Attribution

insufficient attribution models weren’t cited as the top issues, It appears as if everyone is aware that the problem is not with the attribution models, it’s about getting the data right. Majority of enterprise organizations are spending millions of dollars trying clean and standardize the data through inefficient and unnecessary ETL processes, post data capture.

The root of the problem stems from tracking and incomplete, siloed data across channels and systems.

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3. Preventing Omnichannel Personalization

Many marketers want to provide specific, targeted experiences to each of their segments and personas. With inadequate data, and the ability to unify customer touchpoints– across channels & associated systems, is nearly impossible.

Strala provides the foundation to standardize, track and unify all your systems, channels and content in one place.

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How it works for you

The Strala Experience Data Tracking Platform™ optimizes how you define, automate, and use experience and campaign marketing data to make better marketing choices. It's a scalable solution providing a foundation of clean data, innovative methodologies, and technologies that empower your organization.

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