The Trusted ROI,
Attribution & AI Foundation

With the Strala Experience Data Tracking Platform™ implemented across your marketing channels, you no longer have to worry about inconsistency of the team placing tracking across internal and external marketing activities and campaigns — especially the often-neglected channels of the website, SEO referrers, email, and social posts. The best algorithmic math or AI in the world can’t fix the “garbage in, garbage out” problem. It’s still garbage. It’s just sophisticated garbage.

Attribution – 30% lift

With Strala Journey Stream, you now have the complete experience touchpoints of “who" did "what” “when” — the foundational data set required for any attribution model.

Strala overcomes attribution's top challenges by reconciling data from disparate sources via automated integrations and ensuring data source accuracy.  You spend less time bringing data together so you can focus on insights and action.

Industry research shows that organizations who rely on attribution can expect 15-30% more lift in ROI and sales results.

Integrations at Scale

Imagine being able to integrate & unify your tracking across all top ad platforms, martech stacks, and analytics providers with 100% data accuracy. With Strala's patented technology, you'll have the customer behavior insights needed to move in step with today's quick digital world.

Advertising Platforms

Strala works with top platforms to unify tracking, ingest ad metrics, & calculate ROI.

Martech Stack

Popular ESPs, DSPs, DMPs, and more ensure all systems will work in concert.

Analytics & Reporting

Integrate both metadata & ad data with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, as well as custom data warehouse & visualization environments.


Turbocharge AI & Machine Learning

AI and its subset, Machine Learning (or predictive analytics) have become hot topics within marketing and for good reason — to save us from too much messy data. 

What is at the foundation of AI and Predictive Analytics?  It's simple: pattern recogniztion. What is at the foundation of patterns? Standardized, normalized data — pure and clean.  

Strala is the only platform enabling marketers to plan, define, standardize, and “pre-normalize” experience data enabling acceleration of future AI and machine learning for enhanced personalization and ROI analysis.

Marketing Ai & Machine Learning